You can add contributors to your submission.


Author, Speaker, Chair, Presenter, Nominator

You can add the details of contribuors of your submission here.

Additionally, you may be able to add in details of their affiliated organisations and you may be able to choose which contributors you would like to present your submission at the conference.

Click on the Add button to show the Add slide out screen where you can enter the name of the contributor and any other details.

Then click on Add to add them to close the slide out screen and add the contributor to your submission.

A box will be added to your form for the contributor.

Click on Add button if you want to add further contributors to your submissions.

If you have added more than one contibutor then you can change their order by dragging and dropping the boxes on the screen into their new position.


For some submissions, you will be required to enter a valid email address for the contributor. You may also need to enter additional information like their Middle Initial or Specialist Area.


For most submissions, you will be able to add each contributor's affiliated organisations.

Click on the Add Affiliation button for the relevant contributor to get the Add Affiliation slide out screen.

Enter the details of the affiliated organisation. This could be the contributor's University, Institute, Company, Charity, Governing Body, School etc

Click on the Add button and the slide out screen will close. The affilation will be added to the contributor box on your screen.

Click on Add Affiliation button if you want to add in further affiliations for your contributor.

If you have more than one affiliation per contributor then you can change their order by dragging and dropping each affiliation up and down in their list to their new position.


For some submissions, it is necessary to indicate which of the contributors will be presenting the submission.

Click on the Yes/No switch to select which of the contributors will be presenting.