Adding a Table to a Submission

In order to add a table to your abstract the first thing you have to do is click the table icon circled below.

Clicking that will bring up the Table Properties window. Here you can choose how you want your table to look.

Property Description
Rows and Columns Choose how many rows and columns are needed.
Height and Width Choose the width and height of the whole table. This is measured in pixels.
Headers Choose to have headers on the first row or first column or both.
Cell spacing Decide how much space is in between cells. Measured in pixels.
Border size The size of the border for the whole table.
Cell padding Choose how much extra space is required in the table cells.
Alignment Choose whether the table is to be aligned to the right, middle or left of the submission.
Caption Adds a caption the the top of the table.
Summary add a quick summary of the table.

After making all the changes you require click OK and the table will appear, ready to be filled out.


To make further changes double click on the new table to bring up the table Properties again.