Invited Submitter Process


This is the submission process for Invited Submitters.

This page gives a step-by-step guide on how to complete your submissions.

Step Description
1 Receive Invitation
2 Log In
3 My Submissions Dashboard
4 Read Instructions
5 Complete Submissions
6 Download Publishing Preview
7 Finish

If you are having problems or have questions then please Request Help.

Receive Invitation

Read the Invitation Email and make a note of the email address to use for log-in. Click on the link in the email to the My Submissions dashboard.

Log In

Log in using the email address in the invitation email. See Logging In for more details.

My Submissions

Arrive at the My Submissions dashboard where you can manage all your submissions in one place.


Read the Instructions that are specific to your project. This will tell you how to complete your submissions.

Complete Submissions

Edit your submissions using the Edit button for your submission and Complete your Submission answering all questions.

Download Publishing Preview


This step is optional

You can view and download a Publishing Preview


This button may not be available depending on how your project is configured.



Congratulations, you have completed your submission.

If you have any other submissions then repeat the steps above for those submissions.

You may also be able to add new submissions as a standard submitter. Please see the Standard Process for more details.