Submitting Process

Before you start, please identify which process applies to you by reading the information below:

If you are unsure then please contact your project administrator for guidance.


The standard process is one where you create a new, empty submission from the beginning.


You want to submit an abstract for an academic conference.
You want to apply for an award


This standard process is the most common process used.

Please follow the Standard Submitter Process


An invited submission is where the project administrator has created a submission for you, prefilled some of the questions, and then sent you a customised invitation email asking you to complete the submission.


You have been invited to give a talk at an academic conference and need to upload information about your talk.
You are a sponsor for an event and need to upload information about your sponsorship.

Please follow the Invited Submitter Process


If you have worked on a submission before and wish to return to do some more work on it or to add additional submissions.


You started a submission and now want to return to finish it.


You received some feedback on your submission and need to make some changes.


Your abstract was accepted for an academic conference and you now need to upload your presentation.

Please follow the Returning Submitter Process