Logging in as a Reviewer

As a reviewer, you will have been granted special access to the project so that you can complete your reviews.

Before you log in, please make sure that:

  • You know the correct email address to use.
  • You are visiting the correct web address.

Once you know the correct email and web address, please follow our Logging In Guide.

Once you are logged in you will be on the My Reviews Dashboard.

Correct Email Address

You can create an account and log in to Smart with any email address but if you do not use the correct one then you will not be able to see the submissions assigned to you and you will not be able to complete your reviews.

Your Invitation Email will have included the email address you need to use.


You can log in using social media as long as your social media account is using the same email address.


If the email address in the email is incorrect then please request help.

Correct Web Address

Smart is used to run many projects and each project has its own unique web address. You must use the correct web address for your project in order to be able to access your reviews.

Your Invitation Email will have a hyperlink for you to use.