Logging In Troubleshooting

Logging In

  • If you are having trouble logging in or resetting a password then you may not have created an account or your account may have been reset. Try Creating an Account.

  • If the email address already exists then you will get the following message

Email Exists

Your account already exists. Try Resetting your Password.

If you are still having trouble then please follow the Troubleshooting Steps below

Something went wrong

If you get the Something went wrong message when logging in or creating an account:

Something went wrong

Please follow the Troubleshooting Steps below

Login Has Failed

If you get the following screen:

Login Failed

then the email address and password you entered were correct but security settings on your computer have blocked the login.

Please use the Help Me button on the right hand side or email support@smartsubmissions.io for assistance.


These troubleshooting tips can help you work out if there are problems with your computer settings or computer network that could be causing issues with your login.

  • Check you can access https://login.smartsubmissions.io. You should be redirected to the Smart Submissions home page. If you are not then you may need your firewall opening up. Contact your IT administrator saying that you need access to https://login.smartsubmissions.io.

  • If you are behind a firewall then make sure the Auth0 IP addresses are whitelisted. See https://auth0.com/docs/guides/ip-whitelist for the full list and go to the European section.

  • Check that you are using the latest version of Chrome, Smart, Safari or Edge. This website will tell you if you are using the latest version of your browser. Older browsers are not supported by Smart.

  • Try logging in using a different browser and test using a new Icognito or Private browser session. If this works then you may need to clear cookies on your browser. Ask you IT administrator for assistance.

  • Test using a different email address from a different domain. If neither works then it implies that there may be a setting on your computer or computer network that is blocking the login. If one email address works and the other does not then please contact support@smartsubmissions.io for further assistance.


    Use firstname.lastname@gmail.com instead of firstname.lastname@mycompany.com.

  • If you are on a laptop or mobile device, try connecting to a different network e.g. Home network instead of Work network. If one network works but the other does not then please contact the IT Adminsitrator of the network that is not working - it is most likely a firewall issue.

  • Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser. ┬áSmart stores a secure cookie on your computer with your login details. ┬áThis website gives some guides on how to do this. If your computer has restrictions on it and you are not able to enable cookies then please contact your IT administrator.

If you are still having problems then please contact support@smartsubmissions.io for further assistance.